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In the spirit of giving …

There are 273 songs in my iTunes playlist labeled “2011.” That’s a running tally of my favorite songs of the year. I’ve narrowed that down to 18 — maybe 19, depending on some last-minute changes — for the year-end mix-CD. 

I considered putting the playlist on Spotify or SoundCloud, but I’m a stickler for tradition and the songs that made the final cut are also chosen because they loosely fit a theme that I believe sums up the year in music/culture. Also, it’s more fun to receive a free mix-CD in the mail. 

So……the offer I make every year to family, friends, Los Angeles Times readers and anyone who randomly stumbled upon this is as follows: If you would like a year-end mix-CD, just drop me an email with your address. That’s it. I’ll send it, probably in early January. 

I will warn you that the presentation is crude. CD-R, Sharpie, no art, no photo, no liner notes — just music. 

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