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People of LA, don’t take this for granted.

People of LA, don’t take this for granted.

Bunch of crap I wrote this week:

Mannequin Men’s grown-up punk. Good Chicago band and their upcoming album is flirting with my year-end top-10.

Soulful oddball Van Hunt finds beauty in the discarded. This record is quite stunning and totally nutso psychedelic soul. Most of the songs are about the recession and I’m a sucker for topical stuff. Anyway, he plays Sunday at the Troubadour. 

Annie Clark maps St. Vincent’s next musical step. Hung with Annie for the fourth time (? — I think four) when I was on vacation in N.Y. over Labor Day. She’s one of my favorite people to interview b/c we’re both kinda awkward. I no longer prepare questions for her, and I think we spent most of the time just talking about restaurants. Saw her the following week in L.A. and she gave me permission to not write this but I did regardless. Anyway, she plays Tuesday at the Music Box.

There’s other stuff I wrote this week, too, but it’s not even good enough to link to, in my mind. So I’ll link to this old Garfunkel/Oates story because Kate Micucci has a gig Monday at the Steve Allen and she’s a wonderful human being who sometimes brings baked goods to her shows. 

From the Chicago Trib:

Once Epstein is installed, the ”Hire Ryne Sandberg” movement is bound to begin anew, and already may have begun. Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan, a noted Cubs fan, made a personal plea to Epstein Thursday on the “WGN Morning News.”

"Please, please hire Ryne Sandberg," Corgan said. "White Sox Nation followed Ozzie all those years. I think Cubs Nation will follow ‘Ryno.’"

Fortunately for Quade, Corgan does not get a vote.



Watched this episode three times last night. No one was here — just Pfeiffer the Cat — but I sat here clapping at numerous scenes each viewing. 

'Cuz when I get home, baby, I don't want to fight.'

Mannequin Men. Great band. Good people. From Chicago.*

*I do occasionally like non-Chicago things. 

An oldie, but a favorite.
Welcome to Chi-town, Theo. 

An oldie, but a favorite.

Welcome to Chi-town, Theo. 

Thursday, people.

Lisanti Quarterly: The Types Of People You Meet At An Introductory Home Brewing Class


* Guy Wearing Shirt Of His Favorite Obscure Microbrewery (in California)

* Guy Who Loves Beer So Much He Audibly Gasps At Malt Being Added To Giant Pot Of Boiling Water

* Guy Wearing Shirt Of An Even More Obscure Microbrewery (in Portland)

* Guy Feverishly Taking Notes On Everything


I know all these folks well.

Dear L.A. subway takers,

If you’re a solo rider, and you sit on the aisle, thereby leaving an open window seat that you are now blocking, you are an asshole.


Eight snow cones, no tip.

Stephanie’s encounter with Rick Perry.